Disability Rights for Vermont


As Treasurer, I have a responsibility to over 50,000 active, vested and retired members of public retirement systems to provide retirement plans that are affordable to the taxpayer and employee, while providing adequate and reliable income. Currently, 713 people with disabilities are receiving retirement benefits. I am committed to working with them to ensure they take full advantage of their retirement and health care benefit options.

The Treasurer’s Office currently offers financial literacy programs to provide citizens of all ages the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully manage their money. I have worked with the Legislature to enact consumer protection and unclaimed property laws for life insurance beneficiaries. Working with AARP and legislative leaders, Vermont became the first in the nation to enact a law protecting consumers from predatory practices in pension lending. I am working with stakeholders, advocates, and legislators to develop “Achieving a Better Life Experience” or ABLE accounts. This initiative will empower disabled individuals and their families to invest in tax-free savings accounts, for the purpose of maintaining health and independence.

As Treasurer, I am committed to ensuring that all citizens have an opportunity for a lifetime of financial well-being and I ask for your support.